Preparation Time:15 minutes
Everyone will want to dig into this spicy 7 layer fiesta dip. Bring on the chips.

7 Layer Fiesta Dip

Spread refried beans in shallow serving dish.

Mix sour cream and Seasoning Mix in small bowl until well blended. Spread over refried beans.

Top with layers of cheese, guacamole, tomatoes, onions and olives. Serve with tortilla chips.

Nutritional Information:

Calories 43

Total Fat 3g 

Cholesterol 8mg 

Sodium 107mg 

Total Carbohydrate 2g 

Dietary Fiber 1g 

Protein 2g

All recipe ingredients should be cooked to a safe internal temperature according to USDA guidelines. After preparing a recipe, please store any leftovers in the refrigerator.