Preparation Time:10 minutes

Coupon Karma Cheese Board
Coupon Karma - Albertsons

In the cheese board pictured above, I used one of my favorites, the Montchevre Honey Goat Cheese. If you have never tried honey goat NEED to. It is the BEST thing ever. I promise! I then matched it up with some Joan of Arc Brie Cheese (triple creme because I like my brie like butter!) and some Roth Dill Havarti for a little savory flavor.

For this cheese plate, I used one of my rustic cutting boards and plated the Stella Bleu Cheese, some loose pomegranate seeds and some mixed nuts. I just love the savory and sweet together! This one was served with toast points!
The Pomegranate seeds are on point with this cheese plate!
This cheese board was a bit of a smorgasboard, I put all of my favorite cheese accoutrements on one plate! I filled the plate with layers of fresh raspberries, mixed nuts, Townhouse Crackers and of triple creme Joan of Arc Brie Cheese!

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